Photo of the day #74

u-bahn station oberwiesenfeld, macingosh fotografie, muenchen
Security door in a Munich subway station.

Photo of the day #70

Hauptbahnhof Muenchen, macingosh photography, munich
Detail of the roof of Munich’s central station.

Photo of the day #67

parkplatz, parking lot, macingosh photography, munich
Just a parking lot.

Photo of the day #66

industriefotograf, macingosh photograpyh, munich
Detail on a junkyard. Fluid extraction unit.

Photo of the day #65

roentgenschutzkleidung, x-ray protection clothing, macingosh photography, munich
X-ray protection clothing in a veterinary surgery.

Photo of the day #64

macingosh photography, munich, muenchen
Fences and hedges.

Nightshift #4

panorama, theresienwiese muenchen bei nacht, macingosh photographie
Just a simple panoramic nightshot, captured from the middle of the Theresienwiese, Munich.

Photo of the day #63

summer, sommer, sonnenschirm, macingosh photography munich, muenchen
Finally… it’s summer!

Photo of the day #62

souvenir shop, hauptbahnhof muenchen, macingosh photographie
Some kitsch seen at the souvenir shop, Munich main station.

Photo of the day #61

macingosh photographie, munich, muenchen, black and white
In Eitting, pretty close to Munich’s Franz-Josef-Strauss-Airport.

Photo of the day #60

Residenz Muenchen, Herkulessaal, macingosh photography, Munich
The Residenz, Museum für Ägyptische Kunst (Museum for Egyptian Art), Hofgarten, Munich.

Photo of the day #59

fraunhofer institut, muenchen, macingosh photography, munich
The Fraunhofer Institut in Munich.

Photo of the day #57

hochwasser isarauen, muenchen, munich, macingosh photographie
In the light of current events: high water at the Isarauen, Munich.

Photo of the day #56

macingosh photographie, muenchen, munich
Just for once. A flowershot.

Photo of the day #55

architekturfotografie, macingosh photographie, muenchen
White lines.

Photo of the day #54

macingosh photographie, muenchen, kinderfotograf
Tough guy with binky in a sinister backyard. Better take care.

Photo of the day #53

macingosh photographie, muenchen, am stachus, karlsplatz
At the Stachus (Karlsplatz), Munich. Shot with the Olympus Pen E-P2. No editing.

Photo of the day #52

macingosh photographie muenchen, oktoberfest
Blue skies and a vintage neon sign. What could be more beautiful?

Photo of the day #50

macingosh photographie, muenchen, munich, landschaftsfotografie
At the river Rhine.

Photo of the day CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2013

macingosh photographie, muenchen,  champions league 2013
Even though I’m living in Munich, my heart was with you BVB. Too bad it didn’t help.

Photo of the day #49

orange lockers, macingosh photography, fotograf, muenchen, munich

Photo of the day #48

subway, macingosh photography, fotograf, münchen, munichDetail in a subway-train.

Photo of the day #46

summer in the greens, macingosh photography, fotograf, münchen, munich

Photo of the day #45

whitsuntide, pfingsten, macingosh photography, fotograf, münchen, munich

Photo of the day #44

vintage car, macingosh photography, fotograf, münchen, munich
Another detail of a vintage Volkswagen-Bus, or Bully, as they are nicknamed in Germany.

Photo of the day #43

macingosh photography, fotograf, münchen, munich
SNAP! Red metal, gray concrete. Olympic Village, Munich.

Photo of the day #42

macingosh photography, fotograf, münchen, munich
Stack of old carpets for bulk trash.

Photo of the day #41

bahnhof, zug, macingosh photography, munich
Red lines, white lines, gray lines. At Munich’s main station.

Photo of the day #40

Moosacher Strasse, Muenchen, macingosh photography
The old building of Knorr-Bremse AG in Moosach, Munich.

Photo of the day #39

macingosh photography, munich, buick electra
Vintage and rusty BUICK ELECTRA in a carpark in the Olympiadorf (Olympic Village), Munich.

Photo of the day #38

macingosh, fotografie, fotograf, münchen
Out of the bullet train window. Somewhere in between Augsburg and Munich.

Photo of the day #36


u-bahn station am harras, muenchen, macingosh photographieSubway. Stairway. Blue, red and yellow. And  granite.


Photo of the day #35

macingosh fotografie muenchen
Another one in Bavarian colours, blue and white.

Photo of the day #34

macingosh fotografie, muenchen, classic cars
A British classic: MG model B in an underground carpark. Studentenstadt, Munich.

Nightshift #3

Cafe Kubitscheck, München, NachtaufnahmeThe wonderful Cafe Kubitscheck on the Waldfriedhofstrasse. Home of legendary tart- and cake creating artistry.


Photo of the day #33

o2-building, munichThe O2-Tower in Munich.

Photo of the day #32

helmets, bavarian hat, blue, whiteNo comment.

Photo of the day #31

bicycle in front of traditional swiss houseTraditional wooden house in Arosa, Switzerland.

Photo of the day #29

back to schoolBack to school.

Photo of the day #28

DSCN2122_macingosh_photography_munichDriver wanted. Urgently. Call this number.

Surprise. Surprise.

This blog definitely needed a facelift. So I swapped the theme from “Hum” to “Yoko” and changed some minor settings. Much better now, as i think. Hope you like it as well. Still there’s  a lot of work to do until it is really finished.

Let me know what you think about the new look…

Photo of the day #27

289 ford mustang289 Ford Mustang.


Photo of the day #26

elevator, lift, interiorThere’s beauty inside elevators, too.

Photo of the day #24

trabrennbahn gelsenkirchenInside the old turf of Gelsenkirchen.

Photo of the day #22

blue door, yellow signBlue door, yellow sign.


Photo of the day #21

old garden chairs
Some colourful old wood.

Photo of the day #19

blue and whiteShades of blue and a little white.

Photo of the day #18

DSCF7440_macingosh_photography_munichAt the BMW works, Munich.

Photo of the day #16