WPC: Window 2

London, windows, macingosh photography, muenchen

Shop window near Covent Garden Piazza, London.

Fujifilm X-Pro1, Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R. F2, 1/680 sec., ISO 1600.

WPC: Window 1

London, windows, macingosh photography, muenchen
Some business center windows in London, near Tower Bridge.
Fujifilm X-Pro1, Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R. F4, 1/400 sec., ISO 800.

Wet Jag

1950s Jaguar Mark II, London, Clapham, macingosh photography, muenchen

Beautiful 1950s Jaguar Mark II on a rainy Clapham morning.

Photo of the day #38

macingosh, fotografie, fotograf, münchen
Out of the bullet train window. Somewhere in between Augsburg and Munich.

Photo of the day #36


u-bahn station am harras, muenchen, macingosh photographieSubway. Stairway. Blue, red and yellow. And  granite.


Photo of the day #34

macingosh fotografie, muenchen, classic cars
A British classic: MG model B in an underground carpark. Studentenstadt, Munich.

Photo of the day #26

elevator, lift, interiorThere’s beauty inside elevators, too.

Photo of the day #16


Day at the Seaside

I’m really tired of winter coming back and back again everytime when I think that finally springtime will begin.
It is so depressing. So, what can I do against that? Maybe posting a pack of shots I took last summer during a trip to the touristic town of Cuxhaven in Northern Germany.
You can’t go wrong with a day at the beach, providing that the weather is right. Alright, share some sunny summer feelings with me pushing the winter’s grey away.

Photo of the day #3

Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me… shot in Feldmoching, Munich.

Photo of the day #2

OK, quite backdated, a picture taken last autumn. I should post some springtime pictures instead. Hope you like it anyway.

Nightshift #1

After a long, long hiatus of almost one year finally another post. Shot in late last summer in Munich. Like it? Then share and leave a comment.