WPC: On the Move 4

This one goes out to fellow bloggers One Man and his Mustang and Mustang Maniac. Fujifilm X-Pro1, Fujinon XF 18mmF2 R @ F4, 1/60 sec., ISO 200.

Vintage Beauties #2: Pontiac Catalina, 1960

This could be filed under this weeks “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure” as well and to be honest, I was thinking about it. Yes, I know, it’s so materialistic, but what can I do? I like big beautiful classic cars and I think they are treasures to keep. I also love the big V8 blocks and the sound they provide. And in this case I…

Vintage Beauties #1: Opel P4, 1935

Let’s take a break from San Francisco. Saw this upright old lady standing alone and had to take a line of frames. Seeing a vintage vehicle always makes me wonder when exactly cars ceased being beautiful. Must have been somewhen in the late seventies I guess. The owner was a very friendly guy who would even open the car for me so that I…

Photo of the day #78

At a small town station on a rainy day.

Photo of the day #77

Just another Heinkel Tourist detail.

Photo of the day #76

Heinkel Tourist, a classic German scooter from the fifties to early sixties.

Photo of the day #48

Detail in a subway-train.

Photo of the day #44

Another detail of a vintage Volkswagen-Bus, or Bully, as they are nicknamed in Germany.

Photo of the day #41

Red lines, white lines, gray lines. At Munich’s main station.

Photo of the day #39

Vintage and rusty BUICK ELECTRA in a carpark in the Olympiadorf (Olympic Village), Munich.

Photo of the day #34

A British classic: MG model B in an underground carpark. Studentenstadt, Munich.

Photo of the day #27

289 Ford Mustang.  

Photo of the day #23

Timeless elegance. 1970s Mercedes Benz Coupé. Shot in a small town at the river Rhine.

Photo of the day #17

Vintage 1970s Opel Ascona.  

Photo of the day #8

Detail of an old Volkswagen-bus in an underground car park.