WPC: Signs 1

Fujifilm X100 @ F8, 1/125 sec., ISO 100

WPC: Summer Lovin’

Back for a quickie on this week’s photo challenge. Summer, sun, sea and a roofed beach chair. What more can I ask for? Captured back in summer last year at the seaside of Cuxhaven, Northern Germany. … Kurz zurück für einen schnellen Beitrag zur dieswöchigen (Kann man das so sagen?) Photo Challenge. Sommer, Sonne, See und ein Strandkorb. Was will ich mehr? Fotografiert im…

WPC: Perspective 5

Detail of Munich’s Olympiastadion. Fujifilm X100 @ F16, 1/42 sec., ISO 100

WPC: Perspective 2

This will always file amongst the Top Ten of all the pictures I did. Shot almost from the hip back in august last year with my then permanent accompanist the Fuji X100 when strolling down market street in San Francisco. What a strong tool that camera was… Fujifilm X100 @ F8, 1/125 sec., ISO 100

WPC: Object 1

Abandonned trolley in an underground carpark in the Olympic Village, Munich.

Travelling #4 (Part III): Goorin Bros. Hatmakers, North Beach

This is one of the most lovely shops I ever saw, Goorin Hatmakers on North Beach, San Francisco. When I first saw it, I really didn’t know that the company is running over two dozens of branches all over the U.S. headed by three stores in San Francisco alone. Have a look, isn’t it beautiful? Everything looks like it was done with a lot…

Vintage Beauties #1: Opel P4, 1935

Let’s take a break from San Francisco. Saw this upright old lady standing alone and had to take a line of frames. Seeing a vintage vehicle always makes me wonder when exactly cars ceased being beautiful. Must have been somewhen in the late seventies I guess. The owner was a very friendly guy who would even open the car for me so that I…

Travelling #4 (Part II): San Francisco Chinatown

Some snapshots from Chinatown, which of course we just had to visit. It’s one of the leading tourist attractions of the city and with 80.000 inhabitants it’s the second largest Chinese community in the world. (The largest community can be found in a place called China.) Entering this cultural microcosmos is more than impressive, a real must-see. In fact, it attracts more visitors than…

Photo of the day #123

It’s 11.30 pm. Out go the lights. (Sigh of relief) Until next year.

Travelling #4 (Part I): San Francisco first impressions

Finally, here it comes. The first row of snapshots taken during my last trip to San Fran. As before I was truly impressed by the beauty of the city as well as by its multifacedness. At first when booking the trip I wanted to locate directly at Fisherman’s Wharf, the touristic centre of the city or rather its tourist trap to shorten down ways…

Photo of the day #121

Yes, I did another extreme low angle shooting on a high rise business building. But this time it wasn’t the beloved O2-Tower. Actually, this is just one of the digital test shots. The real thing was done with my analog panoramic camera.

Photo of the day #120

Spent a weekend on a farm in East-Bavaria, pretty close to the Austrian border and saw this…

Photo of the day #110

Another detail from Marienplatz tubestation. I adore the truly 1970s colour combination of dark-green and orange.

Photo of the day #100

We’re getting architectural with a 1950s spiral staircase.

Photo of the day #97

At the kebap house at night. Schwanthaler Strasse, Munich Central.

Photo of the day #96

bistro chairs.

Photo of the day #82

A Central Station detail.

Photo of the day #81

The Jexhof, a traditional Bavarian farm in the surroundings of Munich. Now a folksy museum showing peasant life around 1900.

Photo of the day #78

At a small town station on a rainy day.

Photo of the day #77

Just another Heinkel Tourist detail.

Photo of the day #76

Heinkel Tourist, a classic German scooter from the fifties to early sixties.

Photo of the day #75

Another tubestation detail.

Photo of the day #74

Security door in a Munich subway station.

Photo of the day #69

A little bit of orange…

Photo of the day #68

For the weekend: a panorama-sundown I shot last year. Enjoy and have fun everybody.

Photo of the day #61

In Eitting, pretty close to Munich’s Franz-Josef-Strauss-Airport.

Photo of the day #60

The Residenz, Museum für Ägyptische Kunst (Museum for Egyptian Art), Hofgarten, Munich.

Photo of the day #59

The Fraunhofer Institut in Munich.

Photo of the day #57

In the light of current events: high water at the Isarauen, Munich.

Photo of the day #55

White lines.


Had the opportunity to watch Vienna-based Sixties-R&B-band “The Attention!” (yes, with exclamation mark) live on stage recently. Light was dull, the band was dressed in black and unfortunately, so was the venue. Therefore ISOs had to reach the max which of course is showing in the quality of the pictures. Did I mention? Fantastic band delivering a great and intense show! (With exclamation mark.)…

Photo of the day #50

At the river Rhine.

Photo of the day CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2013

Even though I’m living in Munich, my heart was with you BVB. Too bad it didn’t help.

Photo of the day #45


Photo of the day #44

Another detail of a vintage Volkswagen-Bus, or Bully, as they are nicknamed in Germany.

Photo of the day #43

SNAP! Red metal, gray concrete. Olympic Village, Munich.

Photo of the day #42

Stack of old carpets for bulk trash.

Photo of the day #41

Red lines, white lines, gray lines. At Munich’s main station.

Photo of the day #40

The old building of Knorr-Bremse AG in Moosach, Munich.

Photo of the day #39

Vintage and rusty BUICK ELECTRA in a carpark in the Olympiadorf (Olympic Village), Munich.

Photo of the day #38

Out of the bullet train window. Somewhere in between Augsburg and Munich.

Photo of the day #36

  Subway. Stairway. Blue, red and yellow. And  granite.  

Photo of the day #35

Another one in Bavarian colours, blue and white.

Photo of the day #34

A British classic: MG model B in an underground carpark. Studentenstadt, Munich.

Nightshift #3

The wonderful Cafe Kubitscheck on the Waldfriedhofstrasse. Home of legendary tart- and cake creating artistry.  

Photo of the day #27

289 Ford Mustang.  

The PRIMAFOT junk-shop find

  Now what is this? An antique sunlamp? An unidentified flying object? No, it’s an old PRIMAFOT FOTOMATIC JUNIOR photobooth that I found in a junk shop in a Black Forest small town recently. Completely with lots of dust and some dead insects inside. Unfortunately in incomplete and definitely-not-working condition. But still it just looks great. When I saw this in the shop window…

Photo of the day #23

Timeless elegance. 1970s Mercedes Benz Coupé. Shot in a small town at the river Rhine.

Photo of the day #21

Some colourful old wood.