The Originators’ Northern Soul & the Fujifilm X-System

The Originators are a Dutch Northern Soul band from the Amsterdam-Utrecht area. Actually they are one of a very limited number of live-bands working that musical field today. Back in June I had the opportunity to see them live on stage for my very first time and thought it might be a good opportunity to check out the super-low-light-gig-shooting abilities of the X-Pro 1…


Had the opportunity to watch Vienna-based Sixties-R&B-band “The Attention!” (yes, with exclamation mark) live on stage recently. Light was dull, the band was dressed in black and unfortunately, so was the venue. Therefore ISOs had to reach the max which of course is showing in the quality of the pictures. Did I mention? Fantastic band delivering a great and intense show! (With exclamation mark.)…

Photo of the day #52

Blue skies and a vintage neon sign. What could be more beautiful?

Photo of the day CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2013

Even though I’m living in Munich, my heart was with you BVB. Too bad it didn’t help.