Such a lovely couple

Captured two years ago in the Olympiapark (Olympic Park) on top of the Olympic Hill. The man-made hill towers for 60 meters and provides a brilliant view over the city on clear days. Originally it was a dump for the debris of destroyed buildings after the war. Today it is a green hill which is also used for sledging and other activities in winter….

Photo of the day #98

Summer as it should be. People lazing in the Olympiapark.

Photo of the day #68

For the weekend: a panorama-sundown I shot last year. Enjoy and have fun everybody.

Photo of the day #63

Finally… it’s summer!

Photo of the day #57

In the light of current events: high water at the Isarauen, Munich.

Photo of the day #56

Just for once. A flowershot.

Photo of the day #52

Blue skies and a vintage neon sign. What could be more beautiful?

Photo of the day #45


Photo of the day #14

The Hofgarten in the center of Munich. Late Afternoon.

Photo of the day #13

A rainy summer’s day last year near Chieming, Bavaria. Shot during a brief break that I had when shooting a wedding. As you can guess the wedding party was completely rain-swept.