Photo of the day #80

High rise extract.

Photo of the day #72

Stackable orange and collapsible blue.

Photo of the day #67

Just a parking lot.

Photo of the day #66

Detail on a junkyard. Fluid extraction unit.

Photo of the day #65

X-ray protection clothing in a veterinary surgery.

Photo of the day #63

Finally… it’s summer!

Photo of the day #51

Inside the old water reservoir of Bad Aibling, Bavaria.

Photo of the day #32

No comment.

Photo of the day #31

Traditional wooden house in Arosa, Switzerland.

Photo of the day #13

A rainy summer’s day last year near Chieming, Bavaria. Shot during a brief break that I had when shooting a wedding. As you can guess the wedding party was completely rain-swept.

Architecturals #1: BMW-Welt Munich

Spend some time at the BMW-Welt in the north of Munich to take some emotional pictures of the impressive architecture there. Worth a visit every time again. There is a museum showing lots of wonderful classic BMWs as well. Don’t miss it when you’re in Munich.