Travelling #4 (Part III): San Francisco architecturals

Today’s focus is fixed to San Fran’s architecture, as you probably assumed by reading the headline. Not much more to say. Have a look.

Photo of the day #109

architekturfotografie, macingosh photography, muenchen
I absolutely love Marienplatz subway station.

Photo of the day #82

architecture, macingosh photography, munich, muenchen
A Central Station detail.

Photo of the day #80

architekturfotografie, macingosh fotografie, muenchen
High rise extract.

Photo of the day #70

Hauptbahnhof Muenchen, macingosh photography, munich
Detail of the roof of Munich’s central station.

Photo of the day #59

fraunhofer institut, muenchen, macingosh photography, munich
The Fraunhofer Institut in Munich.

Photo of the day #33

o2-building, munichThe O2-Tower in Munich.

Photo of the day #26

elevator, lift, interiorThere’s beauty inside elevators, too.

Photo of the day #25

bathroom, neon light, greenThe captivating charms of neon light.