WPC: Spring 3

My third contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, again with my favourite model. Actually I didn’t shoot this in spring but in late summer about three years ago. Some seconds after taking this frame I turned away for an instant to have a look at the result and suddenly heard a loud “splash!”. Now, guess what had happened… … Mein dritter Beitrag für die…

Photo of the day #98

Summer as it should be. People lazing in the Olympiapark.

Photo of the day #79

No words needed.

Photo of the day #73

Another canteen detail. Can you guess what it is?

Photo of the day #71

Some canteen kitchenware.

Photo of the day #70

Detail of the roof of Munich’s central station.

Nightshift #4

Just a simple panoramic nightshot, captured from the middle of the Theresienwiese, Munich.

Photo of the day #62

Some kitsch seen at the souvenir shop, Munich main station.

Photo of the day #56

Just for once. A flowershot.

Photo of the day #37

The old Kokerei (coking plant), part of the world cultural heritage of Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Ruhrarea.

Photo of the day #33

The O2-Tower in Munich.

Photo of the day #22

Blue door, yellow sign.  

Photo of the day #11

Counterlight on a Munich winter’s day.  

Day at the Seaside

I’m really tired of winter coming back and back again everytime when I think that finally springtime will begin. It is so depressing. So, what can I do against that? Maybe posting a pack of shots I took last summer during a trip to the touristic town of Cuxhaven in Northern Germany. You can’t go wrong with a day at the beach, providing that…

Photo of the day #6

Pharmacy shop window in Fuerstenried, Munich. Nightshot using the Olympus Pen E-P1 or E-P2 (had them both and sold them both).