Dear international followers and visitors, I’m very sorry but this post is in German language. It has to be, because that’s the guideline to participate at this blog-presentation here. Hope you don’t mind and have a nice weekend everybody… . . . So jetzt geht’s aber weiter in meiner Muttersprache. Ist ja auch viel einfacher„Fotografie-Blog-Bühne“ weiterlesen


Had the opportunity to watch Vienna-based Sixties-R&B-band „The Attention!“ (yes, with exclamation mark) live on stage recently. Light was dull, the band was dressed in black and unfortunately, so was the venue. Therefore ISOs had to reach the max which of course is showing in the quality of the pictures. Did I mention? Fantastic band„The ATTENTION!“ weiterlesen

Surprise. Surprise.

This blog definitely needed a facelift. So I swapped the theme from „Hum“ to „Yoko“ and changed some minor settings. Much better now, as i think. Hope you like it as well. Still there’s  a lot of work to do until it is really finished. Let me know what you think about the new look…

The PRIMAFOT junk-shop find

  Now what is this? An antique sunlamp? An unidentified flying object? No, it’s an old PRIMAFOT FOTOMATIC JUNIOR photobooth that I found in a junk shop in a Black Forest small town recently. Completely with lots of dust and some dead insects inside. Unfortunately in incomplete and definitely-not-working condition. But still it just looks„The PRIMAFOT junk-shop find“ weiterlesen