Vintage Beauties #2: Pontiac Catalina, 1960

This could be filed under this weeks „Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure“ as well and to be honest, I was thinking about it. Yes, I know, it’s so materialistic, but what can I do? I like big beautiful classic cars and I think they are treasures to keep. I also love the big V8 blocks and the sound they provide. And in this case I don’t even care about the 20+ litres of gas they waste on a 60 mile run. Now you got me, I’m an evil cold-hearted resource-wasting materialist. Shame on me.

Still wish that lovely Catalina was mine. :-)


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9 Kommentare zu „Vintage Beauties #2: Pontiac Catalina, 1960

    1. Oh yes, solid steel dashboards. With chrome trims on it, which transformed into swords in case of an accident…

      Vehicle safety just doesn’t look good and environment protection is necessary and important but less fun. :-)

      1. I spent most of my childhood years on the rear deck of my dad’s 57 Chevy (directly beneath the rear window), or laying across the rear floorboards. And I lived to tell about it. :)

      2. Haha, just like me. My parents had a second-hand Mercedes Benz back in the days. Most of our holidays we spent in Spain. I was lying on the back seat and my father drove 24 hours in a row to get there as fast as possible. Smoking constantly.

        I even remember having a day trip with the youth group of our church when I was 11 years old. They weren’t so good at organizing so in the end there weren’t enough cars. Pragmatic solution: some kids (including me) had to travel in the trunks. And nobody seemed to care about it. :-)

      3. The trunk!?!? Now even I think that is a little crayzee :) I am from Long Island, but all my relatives lived in the city: Spanish Harlem, The Bronx… so I have many memories of watching the Throgs Neck Bridge lights, and highway lights go by while lying on the back deck.

      4. That must have been a great perspective. I have to try it for myself on our next ride. Oh wait… I can’t… I’m the only driver in the family. :-)

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