Photo of the day #54

Tough guy with binky in a sinister backyard. Better take care. Advertisements

Photo of the day #53

At the Stachus (Karlsplatz), Munich. Shot with the Olympus Pen E-P2. No editing.

Photo of the day #52

Blue skies and a vintage neon sign. What could be more beautiful?

Photo of the day CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2013

Even though I’m living in Munich, my heart was with you BVB. Too bad it didn’t help.

Photo of the day #48

Detail in a subway-train.

Photo of the day #44

Another detail of a vintage Volkswagen-Bus, or Bully, as they are nicknamed in Germany.

Photo of the day #43

SNAP! Red metal, gray concrete. Olympic Village, Munich.

Photo of the day #41

Red lines, white lines, gray lines. At Munich’s main station.

Photo of the day #40

The old building of Knorr-Bremse AG in Moosach, Munich.

Photo of the day #39

Vintage and rusty BUICK ELECTRA in a carpark in the Olympiadorf (Olympic Village), Munich.

Photo of the day #38

Out of the bullet train window. Somewhere in between Augsburg and Munich.

Photo of the day #36

  Subway. Stairway. Blue, red and yellow. And  granite.  

Photo of the day #35

Another one in Bavarian colours, blue and white.

Photo of the day #34

A British classic: MG model B in an underground carpark. Studentenstadt, Munich.

Nightshift #3

The wonderful Cafe Kubitscheck on the Waldfriedhofstrasse. Home of legendary tart- and cake creating artistry.  

Photo of the day #33

The O2-Tower in Munich.

Photo of the day #32

No comment.

Photo of the day #29

Back to school.

Photo of the day #28

Driver wanted. Urgently. Call this number.

Surprise. Surprise.

This blog definitely needed a facelift. So I swapped the theme from “Hum” to “Yoko” and changed some minor settings. Much better now, as i think. Hope you like it as well. Still there’s  a lot of work to do until it is really finished. Let me know what you think about the new look…

Photo of the day #27

289 Ford Mustang.  

Photo of the day #26

There’s beauty inside elevators, too.

Photo of the day #22

Blue door, yellow sign.  

Photo of the day #19

Shades of blue and a little white.

Photo of the day #18

At the BMW works, Munich.

Photo of the day #17

Vintage 1970s Opel Ascona.  

Photo of the day #14

The Hofgarten in the center of Munich. Late Afternoon.

Photo of the day #12

Drunken visitor of the Oktoberfest sleeping in a public park. Quite a common picture during the Wiesn time.

Photo of the day #11

Counterlight on a Munich winter’s day.  

Photo of the day #10

This entirely fearless little mate sat in the middle of one of the platforms of Munich main station when I wanted to take my train to Erlangen. He didn’t move a bit no matter how close other passengers approached. He would even let me touch him but didn’t take any effort to climb on my finger so that I could move him to a…

Photo of the day #8

Detail of an old Volkswagen-bus in an underground car park.

Photo of the day #7

Visitors of the Oktoberfest, september 2012. Afternoon counterlight near the Theresienwiese, Munich.

Photo of the day #6

Pharmacy shop window in Fuerstenried, Munich. Nightshot using the Olympus Pen E-P1 or E-P2 (had them both and sold them both).

Photo of the day #3

Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me… shot in Feldmoching, Munich.

Nightshift #2

Evening gown in a Turkish shop. Schwanthaler Strasse, Munich.

Photo of the day #2

OK, quite backdated, a picture taken last autumn. I should post some springtime pictures instead. Hope you like it anyway.

Photo of the day #1

Trolley in an underground carpark. Studentenstadt, Munich.

The weekly turnaround #1

360° panorama of a spooky small forest in the southwest of Munich, using my brand new Fuji Finepix X100. Handheld. No tripod! Click the picture to enlarge.