WPC: On Top 2

fujifilm x-pro1, fujinon xc50-230mm, macingosh photography, muenchen

Fujifilm X-Pro 1, Fujinon XC 50-230mm @ 230 mm, F6.7, 1/500 sec., ISO 200


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10 Kommentare zu „WPC: On Top 2

    1. I feel honoured that you are asking my opinion. At first I only have the 7d, never owned a 5d II, which certainly is the better camera. I recently ordered an X-T1 in Hong Kong. It’ll need some time until it arrives… So, no experiences here so far.

      But you asked me about my opinion about the X-Pro1. Briefly, my first idea after some days of shooting with it was to put my entire Canon EOS-outfit up for auction immediately. In the end I didn’t do it, but sold 3 of 5 lenses. I stll need the Canon dSLR when it comes to fast autofocus or macro-shootings. For all other events I’d prefer the X-Pro1. Sharpness, (skin-)colours, low-light performance, fast manual time- and aperture-setting… everything’s close to perfection.

      After all what I’ve read, and following my own experience with the X-Pro1 and X100, the weak spot is the autofocus-speed, in particular in continous setting. So, If you like to do action shots or shoot sports events or animals on the run, you better keep your 5d II. For slower objects, landscapes, architecture, portraits and travelling I am sure the X-T1 will make you happy.

      Let me give you an example: I recently shot a wedding and after finishing the job I clicked through the pictures picking out those which would fit for my portfolio. In the end I had a dozen of pictures. One was done with the Canon, the others… you can guess.

      Another point for me is the weight and the size of the X-system. In my old EOS-days I would go to a wedding/event with my bag be stuffed like this: 1 body, 1 battery grip, 1 flashlight, 3 zoom-lenses (11-16mm, 17-55mm, 70-200mm), 1 50mm-prime lens. Weight altogether: 11lbs. + bag + tripod. The whole outfit was so bulky that it barely fitted into the bag completely.

      When the X-T1 finally arrives I will carry like follows: 2 bodies (X-Pro1 and X-T1), 1 battery grip, 1 flashlight, 4 prime lenses (12mm, 18mm, 35mm, 56mm) and 1 tele-zoom (50-230mm). One body and one lens more than before. Will fit into my bag without problems. Weight altogether: 4.5 lbs. + bag + tripod. Really, I can’t wait to work with that set-up. After 10 to 12 hours of shooting I will go home upright and there’ll be no need to have a date with my chiropractor urgently. So sorry to make him unemployed…

      Maybe have a look at the site of this San Diego based photographer. He tells quite the same.

      1. Thank you for your thorough reply. I am not a sports photographer and I do not like chasing animals :) Mostly landscapes for me, so action shots are not a factor. What is more important is image quality and weight. I love my Canon, but I ride and take photos often, and one of my goals is to carry my camera around with me more often. The 5DMii makes that a little challenging, so for many reasons the X-T1 is an attractive option.

      2. That’s what I thought. I know that most of the pictures on your blog are landscapes, architecture and portraits. Fuji’s perfect for everything that doesn’t run from you :-). At the risk of appearing like a Fuji salesman (I am not!) I think you will enjoy the system even though it is not fullframe, like your 5d II Canon. In particular when riding your bike or exploring nature by foot. Personally I think I would swap the system even if the results were the same, just for the size and weight factors. And I really don’t care about those few megapixels less. 16 is enough unless your creating wallsized prints regularly.

        I also have heard a lot of good things about competitive systems like the Olympus OM-D or the Sony a-7 and some not so good things about the Nikon Df, but I have no personal experience with those.

      3. Thank you again. You have been very helpful! I agree, 16PM is plenty, and, I have read really good things about Fuji lenses. Now, if I can get enough for my Canon gear so I can get the new gear! Thanks for your help!!!

      4. You are welcome. If you want to safe some extra space and dollars, have a look at the zoom lenses. After all that I have heard they are very good as well.

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