WPC: Selfie 3

selbstportrait, macingosh photographie, muenchen

Here is one final selfie. You can find the black and white version in the “Gear” section already.
To be honest the picture is not really up to date as I am selling huge parts of my equipment (mainly the top two rows in the picture) due to a change of system. From Mamiya Universal Press to Mamiya RZ67 for those who wanna know. Can’t wait to hold those new toys in my hands…

If you ever wondered what kind of floor panels I have in my living room, there you go.

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16 thoughts on “WPC: Selfie 3

  1. So that’s what your living room floor looks like…. always wondered :) Nice portrait, and, amazing gear. Is some of your graphics arts work online? Would love to see what you do.

    1. Thanks for your true interest in my other work and in my living room floor :-) , but believe me, all other works are only boring commercial stuff. Therefore I haven’t uploaded it anywhere. It’s just something I do to pay the rent.

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