WPC: Object 2

ferrari 750 monza, macingosh photographie, muenchen

Object… of desire. When I saw this most beautiful 1950s Ferrari at a gas station I just couldn’t resist takin’ a few snapshots. I was in a hurry, so no time for shooting some frames of the front. My knowledge about Ferraris is very limited, but after some searching I’d say this is a 750 Monza from 1955. Correct me if I’m wrong, Enzo-afficionados.

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8 thoughts on “WPC: Object 2

  1. I also saw this car in Munich. I heard the sound and turned around and saw the back zip round a corner. What a shame I thought, never see it again. Then we walked a few blocks and there is was parked on the street outside a bar. This was 2 years ago, and I just googled 1950s Ferrari Munich as I was reading about this one – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35511076- which just sold for 32m Euros!

    Someone in Munich is very, very lucky and so glad they drive it around.

  2. Hello Jody, thanks for your comment. Well, I knew these red things sell for some serious money but 32 millions is just insane.
    And yes, there are a lot of very wealthy people in Munich, and some of them just love to show it.

  3. Actually that one is a replica, there are several clues to this, wheels and spinners are wrong, exhausts exits wrong side of the car and doesn’t have the correct exhaust hangars, instrument panel is incorrect, and body shapes are way off for a real Monza.
    750 Monzas have hidden door hinges, and the real giveaway is the rear wheel camber, which Monzas dont have, due to it being an independent but solid de dion rear end.

    1. Thank you for sharing these detailed information, MonzaDave. As mentioned before, my knowledge about Ferraris is very limited.

      So, it seems like the owner is kind of a pretender and not as wealthy as I thougt at all.

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