Travelling #4: San Francisco panorama no. 5

f-line streetcar, san francisco, macingosh photography
A streetcar of the historical F-line. The F-line with its original streetcars from the 1950s was reinstalled in the 1980s mainly as a tourist attraction and also as a substitute for the cable car line which was out of business for two years due to technical overhaul. Over the years more and more waggons were bought and today the F-line is a normal transportation for locals as well as for tourists.

The waggons come in many different colour designs following the original paintwork of the cities where they once ran. Actually I wanted to take a shot of each colour combination there is, but missed it because time was running out and in the end this was the only one I took.


Veröffentlicht von macingosh

12 Kommentare zu „Travelling #4: San Francisco panorama no. 5

    1. Bin leider nie in einer Bahn mitgefahren, sondern habe sie immer nur von außen bewundert. Die Waggons sehen übrigens einer schöner aus als der nächste. Beim nächsten Mal muss ich es nachholen.

  1. I live in Melbourne Australia, one of the few cities in the world who kept their trams [streetcars]. I would love to see some more shots of yours, any time you feel like putting them up.

    1. Hello Terry,

      thank you for your kind comment. Unfortunately, this is the only tram picture I have. As mentioned above I wanted to shoot them all but delayed doing it from day to day with the result that there was no time left for it in the end.


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