Travelling #4: San Francisco panorama no. 1

fishermans wharf, san francisco, macingosh photgraphy

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park seen from the end of Aquatic Park Pier in the early morning.
The ship on the left is the historical ferryboat „Eureka“. In the misty background you can see the Financial District high-rise buildings.


Veröffentlicht von macingosh

13 Kommentare zu „Travelling #4: San Francisco panorama no. 1

      1. It’s discontinued since about 10 years. But even today there is half a dozen of manufacturers producing cameras which are more or less the same as this one.

      2. Unfortunately not. It was made from 1994 to 2004 and works with medium format film (120 or 220 rolls). There is actually ONE digital camera of the same size in the world. That is the SEITZ 617 from Switzerland.
        Imagine a digital camera with a sensor of 6 x 17 centimeters (2.38 x 6,75 inches)! 922 MB per picture (as TIFF)!!! And all that for the give-away price of a brand-new BMW X3 2.8! The body only of course. :-)

        Have a look here, if you like:

        Best, Ingo

      3. No, I don’t. I did develop films and even made my own prints in the past but today I have a family and therefore time is short. In general I have my films developped by a professional laboratory and after that I just scan the negatives or colour slides.

        Best, Ingo

      4. Well, next time you are in the states stop by Chicago and say hello :) We have four kids. Our oldest is married and we have a grandson. Time is short!


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