Photo of the day #118

Bayerische Staatskanzlei, Kuppelbau, Hofgarten Muenchen, macingosh photography
The midsection of the Bayerische Staatskanzlei (office of the Bavarian prime minister) at the Hofgarten, Munich.
The epigraph at the front means „They will revive“.

(Fuji G617, Ilford Delta 100)


Veröffentlicht von macingosh

5 Kommentare zu „Photo of the day #118

    1. Thank you, Carlos. It is in fact a very interesting building. It doesn’t show in the frame, but both sidewings of the building are very modern glass and steel constructions, creating quite a contrast to the classical midsection.

    1. I was wondering too and did some research. As far as I know the building itself is made of sandstone, like so many other classical and official buildings of that era.
      What appears like a wall in the picture is a monument made of a number of stacked blocks. The whole monument looks quite like an early history crypt. Inside is a sculpture of a dead soldier. The monument was created in 1924 in memory of all the dead soldiers of World War I.

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