Off for The Bay!

U-Bahn-Station, Am Harras, Muenchen, macingosh
Dear friends and readers,

today I’m heading off to San Fran and the bay area for a two week vacancy. To be exact my plane and this post are taking off in the very same minute.

If you should presume that I will carry tons of photographic gear on my shoulder when I just should relaxe and enjoy summer holiday I have to tell you you’re absolutely right. This time I even couldn’t neglect to put my “panoramic Godzilla”, the monstrous, massive FUJI GX 617 in the bag. I really hope that the hump will be worth it and there’ll be a lot of Frisco-ramas in the box at the end.

’nuff said. Have a good time everybody, enjoy summer and see you back then in a two weeks.

Photo of the day #95

Hong Kong, macingosh photographie
A final one from Hong Kong. Graveyard and central business district. How predictive I was in 1997, haha.